Abia State House members pass vote of confidence on their Speaker, Rt. Hon. Chikwendu Kanu

Barr. Kanu

1. The attention of Principal Officers and members of Abia State House of Assembly have been drawn to a publication sponsored by a phantom THE ABIA CONSCIENCE FORUM published on Page 29 of ThisDay newspapers 27th February 2017 regarding the direction given on the 9th of September 2013 by Legal Practitioners' Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) in a matter involving the Speaker Rt. Hon Chikwendu Kalu.

2. We have reviewed the said publication and only concluded that the primary objective of the coward and his paymaster at the 'Green Chamber' who sponsored it is to ensure that the Abia State House of Assembly and indeed Abians are eventually put in a position of discomfort which collateral effect would be instability, chaos and untold hardship. This becomes even more laughable as individually and collectively, we know the coward and his paymaster who wear the tag of 'conscience' but ironically are stripped of the minutest aura of it. They are working to recover their personal estates which Abia State House of Assembly was for them before the intervention of good conscience. We have records of their financial dealings and would at the appropriate do the legitimate thing.

3. We  know why they have chosen now to do this mindless 'patriotic ' act. We know why they are unsettled before the decisive manner members moved to change leadership. We know why they have suddenly gone to repeat a fact which does not in any way obstruct the sustained peace and harmony in the House of Assembly.

4. The Abia State House of Assembly by any stroke of imagination is informed enough to know that a matter that is before a court of competent jurisdiction does not require window dressing, newspaper  publicity and veiled coloration of bias. Our minds are already adverted to the crucial need to shun the temptation of making allusions to any of the prophecies done by the court.

5. May be, we need to call the attention of the conscienceless and faceless Abia Conscience Forum to many issues begging for attention in our dear State, more critical to our people than posting a notice of what we already know and had long submitted to the superior reasoning of the court to give justice to the parties.

6. Our worry is not the display of flagrant idleness. We are more concerned by the visible activities of fifth columnists who for very mundane and selfish reasons arrogate to themselves the monopoly of wisdom and the false impression that they must choose leaders for Abians.

7. We have watched these shameless turncoats try to pull strings that were designed to destabilize the Abia State House of Assembly. In the course of our curiosity, we have been able to unmask the individuals who are behind these uncharitable acts.

8. We are aware of the efforts in the past to use the House of Assembly to promote undesirable political affiliation with some persons in the Green Chambers. If the recent move is to seek to even the scores which dislinking them perpetually from the bourgeoning sleaze has become, we state in unequivocal terms that they have failed.

9. Perhaps, it is important to remind these busy bodies that Abia State House of Assembly is committed to fast tracking the many development ideals of the Okezie Ikpeazu Ph.D administration. We have severally rededicated ourselves to the fulfilling responsibility of putting Abia first. To that effect, succumbing to the petty devices of cheap blackmailers would merely amount to making a mountain out of a mole hill.

10. Rt. Hon. Chikwendu carries with him the patriotic burden of delivering on the mandate of inclusive leadership, selflessness, passion for institutional development, and indescribable fair play. So far, he has discharged his responsibilities with amazing charisma, lifting the spirits of members and inadvertently paving the way for what has become legislation for love of the State. If this misguided sponsorship of a publication is aimed at truncating this line of progress, we extend our sympathies to the mischief makers. Instead, we would double our efforts to discharge our duties and work closely with our Speaker, Rt. Hon Chikwendu Kalu; one leader who enjoys undiluted support .

11. At the appropriate time, we will name those who have vowed to have their way or put spanners in the wheels, those whose conduit pipe of siphoning our public wealth has suffered incalculable damage. In the meantime, we are focused on delivering on our legislative responsibilities.

12. Members of the 6th Abia House of Assembly affirm without fear or favor, in defiance to fifth columnists, that we are satisfied with the leadership of our amiable Speaker, Rt. Hon. Chikwendu Kalu and do hereby encourage who are bent on igniting confusion to desist forthwith or we will be forced to unmask the coward and his pay master at the 'Green Chamber'

14. Apart from the ingenuous manner the Speaker has conducted activities of the 6th in the short period yet of his leadership, members are minded by his robust approach to developmental legislations; a critical approach that holds a promise of better life for all Abians.

Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D
Deputy Speaker
Chairman Media & Publicity CommitteeFree Search Engine Submission

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