We woke up this morning to the news that Ossy Prestige is reconstructing Ohanku Road. What a parody! I ask, Has Ossy Prestige ever sponsored a bill or raised a motion for a single project at the National Assembly? When and how did he suddenly attract Ohanku Road project or rather reconstruct, as Abia Facts stated it?

 Ossy Prestige is always in ABA doing his business with the money meant for constituency projects and just woke up to say he attracted Ohanku Road project which Gov Ikpeazu have been "making case" for since he came on board.

Dr Ikpeazu went to the extent of bringing NDDC DG and Works Minister, Raji Fashola SAN to assess the road and now the laziest House of Rep Member in Abia State is coming to take credit for what he never did.

Why are people so fraudulent that they even want to defraud electorates? Ossy is hardly seen on the floor of the house and seldom says a word whenever he eventually comes around. He is just an "I Concur" Legislator. Hon Ossy, can you tell us the location of the 5 roads you graded and the Boreholes, just 5 each.

Media propaganda is deadlier than aids in this age and time (Uwa Asaala Anya). Ossy and his cohorts should desist from it. Ossy Prestige should go and learn quality representation from Hon. Uko Nkole and Hon. Sloddy Adaelu.

There is still time to make amends. It's better than coming to exhibit his penchant for fraud and deceit. If he thinks that he can fool the electorates again, he is simply day dreaming. Instead of helping him to spread falsehood and take credit of another person's effort, I urge ABIA FACTS to advice him to go back to work. His constituency project money is not for his personal use but to help him deliver democracy dividends to his constituency.

 We don't have problem with Hon. Dogara coming share the Rice, Keke and Motorcycles he didn't share in 2016, but we only have a problem with his Media Charade and Hogwash with Abia Facts. We are wiser now Abeg, other lazy legislators both at the State and National levels should also take note.

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