2019: A warning to Efik politicians

By Michael Ekpang

1. Any politician from the Southern Senatorial District who dares to contest the 2019 governorship election in contravention of the zoning arrangement that maintains balance of power in the state, will inexorably condemn the Efik people to political wilderness as far as the office of governor is concerned.

2. Donald Duke, an Efik minority became governor in 1999 because  the Atam people made it happen.

3. Northern Cross River, Central Cross River as well as Biase, Akamkpa and our Ejagham brothers and sisters in Odukpani and Calabar Municipality are one in many ways .

4. With such a huge voting block, the 'Atam people' will ensure no Efik smells the governorship seat again if they violate the zoning arrangement by running for governorship in 2019.

5. Killing the zoning arrangement will simply mean that Efik, who are minority, have kissed good-bye to the governorship of the state

6. Chinua Achebe says a man who brings ant-infested faggot to his home should not complain when visited by lizards. A word is enough for the wise.                           

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