By Godwin Adindu

Today, it is difficult not to follow events on the social media. Even though communication professionals are having nightmare over how to control or regulate the excesses  of  unethical behavior on the social media (insults, abuses,  blackmail, slander, etc), the fact is that it has become a cheap  channel for political propaganda.  So as a political activist, I also follow events on the social media.  At least, I try to know what is happening there.

 The Abia opposition is having a field day here.  I follow their comments against Governor Ikpeazu, especially on Facebook. But,  I have never replied or tried to engage them. Reason is that they are thriving on shallow comments.  Am waiting for them to elevate the argument. Am waiting for them to force me out of my creative cocoon.  They seem to have  exhausted their ideas on how to attack Governor Ikpeazu. They keep repeating themselves on deliberate misrepresentation of facts.

In the prelude to 2015, (and  we must give it to them), the opposition was ahead in media war and propaganda. They had an attractive argument and they could point at concrete issues for which they demanded a change.  In fact,  they seized the media space. Then,  we could only clutch to the claim of equity. We advanced the argument of equity and political balance, insisting that what was good for the geese was also good for the gander. But, today, with the clear infrastructural re-engineering drives of the Governor and his efforts in pension and salary reforms and many other excellent achievements, there is nothing left for the opposition to fault.

Yes, the  Aba debacle was a case for political propaganda. The opposition fed on it. They had  an imaginary blueprint for Aba. But, today, Governor Ikpeazu has conquered Aba and gone the extra mile in developing the latent ingenuity that grows in Aba. Almost every issue of 2015 is being addressed such that the opposition is left at sea as to what the next arsenal should be. On what point should they fault Ikpeazu?
I am convinced that the Abia opposition is currently bereft of ideas on the strategy for a vibrant propaganda. They do not know how best to attack Governor Ikpeazu. They don’t have the references anymore to make. Apart from utopian dreams and illusions on how to turn Abia into an Eldorado, the opposition is no more armed with concrete facts and therefore cannot elevate the argument.

Hide Your IP  Windows Screen ShotThey are making me idle. I cannot condescend to the Facebook childish diatribe. I want the opposition to challenge us on what has been left undone for which the Abia electorate must give them the mandate to take over the Govt House come May 29, 2019. What they are doing now is essentially how not to engage Governor Ikpeazu. Their total resort to Facebook attack is a bad positioning for their principal.

In leading Governor Ikpeazu to the next polls, we are armed with over 60 roads that have been constructed and commissioned across the three geo-political zones. We are presenting his signature projects like the first flyover in Abia, the Osisioma flyover, the reconstruction of Faulks  Road and the building of the Ifeobara Water Reservoir. We are presenting the long abandoned Port Harcourt Road, the Umuaro-Ekwereazu-Akwa Ibom Road, the Aba Road in Umuahia and many others. We are referring to the effort in developing the Small and Medium Scale  Enterprises.

It will be interesting to have the opposition come up with a vibrant engagement. Untill then, I siddon de look.

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