Otti bribed Umeh with $4 million for APGA ticket in 2015.....APGA Chieftain.

What seemed to be an open disagreement and confrontation between two party members led to a revelation of what transpired between the defeated APGA gubernatorial candidate and the erstwhile party Chairman Sen. Victor Umeh.

Trouble started when Chief Obinna Mgbeahuruike, a former APGA house of representatives candidate in the same election of 2015 disagreed with Mr Ferdinand Ekeoma,  the media aide to Dr. Alex Otti, over which APGA faction is recognized Nationally.  While Ekeoma was of the notion that APGA in Abia has no other faction except the authentic one that has Dr. Alex as their leader,  Mr Mgbeahuruike maintained that the party existed with great leaders before Dr. Alex manipulated every known process with his financial muscle.  He said that the bribe Alex gave to Sen.Umeh was what made the difference in the direction of the party ticket in 2015.

According to Chief Mgbeahuruike, Otti's 2015 APGA ticket was bought with $4m.

The allegation is too weighty to be ignored by both parties even though Alex and Umeh are yet to deny it.

It could be noted that Chief Mgbeahuruike belongs to Chief Chikwe Udensi's faction that has vowed to take over the party from Dr.Alex who they refer as the Usurper.

Politicians and APGA members  we spoke to on phone, said that the allegation may not be far from the truth, since Alex Otti was a member of PDP and only joined APGA when PDP did not give him gubernatorial ticket considering that the party believes in the power rotation that zoned the Governorship to Abia South. Before then,  it was Chief Chikwe Udensi and Reagan Ufomba that were battling for the party ticket ahead of 2015 general elections.

2019 has proven to be more difficult for Dr. Alex Otti.
Chief Chikwe seemed to have more upper hand in the party going by feelers on ground and his romance with the National leadership of the party.  If the trouble persists, the election will be a walk over especially now that Abians are tilting to an Ikpeazu second tenure in Office going by his outstanding performance. It is difficult to play opposition from a divided front.


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