Just what ifs ? A mind and conscience questions - @IkechukwuIroha

What if Governor Ikpeazu met a completed Faulks road in Aba with a lasting solution on Ukwumango ?

What if Someone had built access roads from Tonimas, MCC/ Samek to Ariaria?

What if Golden Guinea, Glass Industries etc were revived before Ikpeazu became a Governor.

What if he didnt have to go back to Enyimba Stadium to provide a good turf and modern convenience system with good dressing rooms ?

What if someone acquired Earth moving equipments for road constructions and vans for Waste disposals?

What if someone had started Port Harcourt road before Dr.Ikpeazu became a Governor ?

What if someone had built a flyover in Abia State or started something in that line ?

What if Aba Owerri road was done before Ikpeazu came on board ? What if Ukaegbu, Ehere and Umuola were motorable before he took over the mantle of leadership ?

What if any State Govt had constructed a long stretch of road in Ugwunagbo LGA ?

What if someone thought about automation of shoes and wide publicity for made in Aba before Ikpeazu?

What if someone built 4 model schools in Abia State and renovated 359 schools before Ikpeazu became a Governor?

What if a govt before OVI had distributed millions of palm seedlings and built rice mills to support our rice farmers?

What if OUK built Abiriba-Nkporo road before OVI started the project ?

What if the #250m released by Obasanjo's govt to OUK for Isiukwato erosions was utilized before Ikpeazu became a Governor?

What if someone did not sell Enyimba hotels but took it upon himself to bring it back to life?

What if Ikpeazu pensioners already up to date with pensions ?

What if over 70 roads completed by Ikpeazu were already good before he became a Governor?

What if Isi gate was beautified?

What if Ikpeazu was not dragged in Court for 3 years Uche Ogah and Alex Otti and those other people contesting against him.

What if we had an alternative route to Akwaibom before Ikpeazu became a Governor?

What if Abians were encouraged and trained in skills?

What if someone thought about Enyimba Economic City, free trade zone, New Shoe factories etc before he came on board ?

Don't be deceived.

Ohh...Abia would've been a heaven on earth if he met all these on ground or even half but no, he had to start afresh to work.

And those responsible for the decay have gathered in APC to criticize him.

Anambra Governor and Ebonyi State have not done better than Ikpeazu, they only needed to start new projects to consolidate efforts of their predecessors while Ikpeazu must start afresh to build drainage, tar old roads already done by others, go back to the Stadium to build standard, think in the line of helping Ariaria to get Electricity, he must start working to revive Golden guinea and provide roads to Ariaria, he must start building schools and thinking about industrialization through Enyimba Economic City.
Ikpeazu must help our artisans to gain patronage, he must bring back Agriculture and improve our rice production. He must make sure we develop quality in our garment and shoe productions and must train teachers.

All these, he started afresh. Kudos to Ikpeazu.

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