By Anaelechi Gaius Nnadi

At about 7:53am on the 14-02-2019, I received a massage with the heading Npower which reads “a delegation from the office of the president on N-Power is coming to address Abia State N-power beneficiaries. There will be physical head counts. Venue: No Item street, umuahia, date : Friday 15th Feb, 2019. Time: 10: am prompt”

I called Mr felix who is working at the Npower Office, he said he is not aware of the meeting. Same day by 4:09pm, I received another massage headed Abia Npower with the information “Pls ignore d news being circulated 4 a meeting with the presidency at No1 item St. There is no such meeting report any person threatening u to Abia Npower Office. By 8:01 same day another message came with Npower as the heading stating thus “Be reminded of our meeting scheduled for tomorrow by 9am. Note that Npower is a federal scheme. Welcome to next level” This was when I decided to attend the meeting since am resident at Umuahia and attending the meeting won’t cost me money.

At my arrival at the venue, I saw a handful of beneficiaries present, some came and left and ask me to call when the meeting commenced. Since there was light, I use the opportunity to charge my phone. 
There was a man named Prince an Ntax beneficiary who I saw harmonizing things. I inquired of him when the meeting will start he said that the DG is resting because he flew in late at night around 2am. That he would be with us shortly. 

After about 20mins, a man came and called I and a girl also a beneficiary to follow him upstairs, we did as he ordered without knowing that I am entering into an arena of torment. I was beating alternatively by both men and ladies inside the hall. I was interrogated and tortured for over 4hrs from around 12pm to 4pm with my clothes torn. As i was being tormented, the lady with me was crying and asking what we did. Questions as follows where asked
- Why did you come here?  I received a message for meeting here today
- Are you an Npower beneficiary? I said yes.
- Who is incharge of npower Abia State? I said the Focal Person is Mr Chinenye Nwogu.
- Who is the coordinator of Abia Npower. This was answered by Prince the Ntax beneficiary as Felix. 
- So Felix was the person countering that massage that we sent. One boy there now said that when they countered it, we resent another. That was when I knew the source of the message.

Immediately they knew that Felix was the one who pioneered the counter message, they said they will make sure they put him in detention till after the election. They all locked me up and left but one of them came back to continue the tortured. I would have been killed in cold blood was it not one lady who heard my shout of pain and tried to force her way in. This was when they all returned and ask me to call Felix.
Already I had informed Felix that I am in the meeting, but people didn’t turn up well.

All this time they were in custody of my phone.
I was threatened with death if I didn’t call Felix to come out to Methodist Church Umuwaya Road, which I did.
Due to how tattered I was after the torture, they rushed into the market and bought a shirt for me which I rejected because it was oversized. I was then given an APC campaign T-shirt which I wore in the company of about 8 men. I was given my phone to call Felix again, before I could call again, Felix has arrived, he was dragged out of his vehicle with serious beating by all the men around, and his car drove by one of them to APC campaign office. I ceased the opportunity to run away. At the moment my life is in shambles, The APC Gubernatorial candidate men are after me, The DSS are after me with false information, Felix Family are at my heads for causing harm to an Innocent man.

Permit me to say here that Abia State Npower has never been used as a tool by any political party.
We don’t attend political rallies, but ceremonies, burials of dead members or developmental projects especially during the visits of the vice president to the state.
As at now am in hiding but request everyone to assist in calling for the released of Mr Felix Obisike. All npower beneficiaries should help and call for his immediate release.

To me the proposed meeting was a death trap. On how desperate this men where to get at Felix that day revealed that evil has been plotted against him, but i had to call Felix having in mind that he did nothing wrong only the counter message which was their annoyance. It was when I saw the video that understood why he was desperately needed. I am alive today but wouldn’t know what would happen to me. I have lost trust in everything.

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