(VIDEO) Abduction & Torture Of Felix: Abia REC Comfirms Result Sheet Is Fake

Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Abia State, Dr. Joseph Ilo, has confirmed that the so-called result sheet which was apparently planted on Felix Kennedy Obisike by APC Abia operatives is “FAKE”.

The REC who said the result sheet did not come from INEC described it as FAKE: “You can be sure that we don’t type our result sheets, it’s not part of INEC; we don’t type our result sheets. It is fake. We have not issued any result sheet to anybody and will not do so until the appropriate time”, he said.

When will security agents arrest those who abducted Citizen Felix, tortured and planted that fake result sheet on him?

Why is a possible crime scene along with the occupants of the facility not under security investigation?

It is disheartening that a former Chairman of the Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) was involved in the despicable abduction and torture saga as his voice was clearly identified in the illegal interrogation video recorded at Uche Ogah Campaign office in Umuahia. We have long confirmed his role in the whole plot aimed at implicating Abia PDP in a phantom result writing scandal and the NBA must do the needful and sanction this individual who has the temerity to appear in a radio program to gloat on this heinous crime against an innocent citizen.

Everyone involved in this matter should and must answer to the law, from those who forged N-Power invitation to beneficiaries inviting them to appear at a political campaign office, instead of state N-power office, for “head count”, through those who lured Citizen Obisike to the factional APC campaign office, tortured him and planted a fake result sheet on him, to those who filmed and distributed the doctored video.

Why should N-power beneficiaries be forced to engage in a political plot to manipulate Abia election or risk abduction and torture? Did the federal government design its social investment programs for that purpose?

When will those involved be arrested and tried for the abduction, forgery, and torture of a citizen of Nigeria?

Nigerians should demand to know the truth about this evil executed by serial forgers.

Watch & Share until security agents do the needful. Nigeria is supposed to be a country of laws.

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