Abia 2019: Nothing to litigate - @JohnOkiyiKalu

If you subtract Obingwa and Ohafia votes,  Governor Ikpeazu would still have won the Abia 2019 election.

Final Results
APC - 99574
APGA- 64366
PDP - 261127

VOID - 11061
VALID - 433315

Do you know why some desperate politicians will still consider going to court no matter the margin of victory against them?

1. Creditors and donors will come after them if they don’t show that there is still hope, no matter how slim, of their winning, by fair or foul means.

2. To arm twist the incumbent into negotiating to settle their electoral expenses or offer appointments to them and their supporters.

3. To keep themselves in the news cycle till the next election.

4. To tactically step down their supporters who were hoodwinked into  believing their candidate must win the election for it to be adjudged “free, fair and credible”.

5. To frustrate and distract the winner in order to reduce his capacity to deliver on his mandate so they can punish voters for rejecting them (the losers).

6. False prophets and religious con men may have successfully misled the defeated candidates.

7. Lawyers and political leeches must have their own share of the candidate’s money on a  continuous basis. Of course, they profit from litigations and prolonged electoral struggles.

8. Generally, electoral defeat leads to massive financial losses and such outcomes are most times difficult to accept because most contestants listen only to their own voices and those of their ever supportive  brainwashed fans.

9. Most so called election front liners don’t prepare for defeat. They only plan to win but forget that only one winner can emerge in such electoral contests.

10. Desperate politicians are selfish and won’t mind pulling down the house, with everyone inside, as long as the outcome of an election does not favor them.

All the above apply to 2019 Abia election and I will personally prefer to give all those involved time to come to terms with the historic nature of Governor Ikpeazu’s earth shaking victory.

If anyone chooses to go to the tribunal, please, let the person feel free to rush and ventilate his or her issues while Governor Ikpeazu focuses on substantive governance. As someone who actively participated in the Abia election, I can’t see a basis to challenge the outcome, especially knowing that the only plan of some of the so called frontline candidates was to use foul means to declare themselves winners.

If, indeed, Governor Ikpeazu’s opponents didn’t know he would shellac them in a free and fair poll, why did they contemplate and even met to seek an “alliance of the soon-to-be-defeated” before the polls? Even their supporters harped on the fact that it would be impossible for them to beat the high performing and  equity favored Governor Ikpeazu if they ran against him individually without an alliance that would have given them the faintest of a remote fighting chance.

Now add up the votes of the 3 so called frontline opposition candidates in Abia State and see for yourself that even an alliance wouldn’t have saved them from certain defeat.

There is absolutely nothing to litigate; Governor Okezie Ikpeazu dusted his opponents as expected by those who were actually on the ground to monitor the campaigns and actual election.

Thank you Abians for returning Governor Ikpeazu. He will certainly do more to further develop our state.

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