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Writing in the 5th Century BC, Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all times, posited that States can never be well-organized and administered until philosophers are kings or kings are philosophers. Plato must have had the like of Senator T. A Orji and his distinctive exemplary leadership qualities in mind when he made this declaration. Little wonder, the Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu proclaimed that "Senator T. A Orji has an intimidating profile as the Senator Representing Abia Central". This divinely inspired revelation was made at the award giving ceremony of Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji's Annual Scholarship in popular acclamation and appreciation of Senator T. A Orji's sterling and exemplary leadership by the Governor. These acclamations are not surprising, giving the fact Senator T.A Orji like a philosopher-king, has a good knowledge of his constituency and their existential predicaments.

It is pertinent however to stress that the emergence of Senator T. A Orji produced a very long list  full of numerous expectations from his constituency that was in a state with a poor and dilapidated infrastructural network and in dire need of advancement amidst  nation-wide economic recession. Senator T. A Orji has, unarguably, face more tribulations and challenges to his authority, but as a man fully armed with his transformative projects and deft intellectual savvy, Senator T. A Orji quickly settled down to the enormous task of giving Abia Central their long yawning quality representation. While some of his contemporaries were enmeshed in passing the buck and finding alibi for woes by apportioning blame to their predecessors and prevailing economic realities, Senator T. A Orji moved on.

Like Socrates, Senator T. A Orji believes that the secret of positive change and transformation is to focus all of your energy, not on brooding over spilt milk, but on building new ones and setting new records which would forever be etched in the sands of time. With this positive and forward looking approach to leadership, Senator T. A Orji has succeeded in blowing the myth of vicious circle of underdevelopment which in time past seemed to have cast an irredeemable spell on Abia Central Senatorial District.

Today, Abia Central has been transformed into one of the most liveable and functional constituencies in Abia State through awarding 180 indigent students scholarship, installation of transformers to different communities, construction of roads, rehabilitation / reconstruction of roads, drilling of Boreholes in many communities, distribution of various items ranging from grinding machines, power generating sets, sewing machines, tricycle (Keke), motorcycle, buses, fertilizers and opening of Senator T. A Orji's Free Eye Surgery Initiative. Senator T.A Orji has tremendously improved the special  well-being of his constituents as well  as human capital development through different forms of empowerment.

As the constituents of Abia Central Senatorial District with considerable curiosity holding their second long list of expectations would  start witnessing resurgence in the developmental strides of Senator T.A Orji in moment not to long, it becomes needful for his constituents to be conscious of the obvious. Notwithstanding the idiosyncratic forging of the shape of glaring realities by those with pessimistic disposition regarding the high expectations of the constituents of Abia Central as Senator T. A returns back to the Red Chambers for another period of four years, such gamut of permutations should be dismissed on the ground that Senator T .A Orji is not in the class of unpredictable political animals who lack the basic credentials equivalent to quality representation.

In as much as holding tenaciously onto the story of underdevelopment and misrepresentation that follows  one who has the ample opportunity to represent his constituency in the Red Chambers for a second term can crystalize a view many would truly consider as the game of politics, upholding such expectations for Senator T.A Orji may therefore be unfair and insensible to the fact that Senator T.A Orji is a man one can easily hold by his campaign promises. There is no doubt in reaffirming that politicians after winning an election begin to think about the next election while true leaders after winning an election think about  next generation. Hence, subscribing the later narrative to Senator T.A Orji would undoubtedly nullify the pessimistic permutations one may be tempted to hold as Senator T.A Orji awaits to be sworn-in as a federal lawmaker for the ninth Assembly
May God bless our Papa ukwu

Ifeanyi umere (Nwa papa ukwu)
Leader The mercurial media team

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