EXCLUSIVE: Wife of Abia Lawmaker Battered by Her Husband Cries Out (Photos)

Mrs Chinyere Chukwu, wife of Lawmaker-elect, Hon Chijioke Chukwu, is in an abusive relationship with her husband, investigations by Igbere TV has revealed.

Chinyere, mother of two, is the second wife of Hon Chukwu.

Chukwu is member-elect representing Bende North State Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly.

He was elected on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) during the last House of Assembly election.

Sources told Igbere TV that Chinyere, who is an established businesswomen, has been enduring domestic violence for a long time in her marriage but matters have gotten worse lately, hence, the marriage is on the verge of breaking apart as the wife have decided to walk out of the marriage.

Prior to this moment, Chukwu has been described in the media as a calm and easy-going man.

Sources who are privy to the happenings within the Chukwus’ stormy marriage disclosed that, despite being a second wife, Chinyere is still submissive, respectful, homely, “which is very difficult to find among ladies these days.”

According to our source, Chinyere had continuously been battered by her ‘abusive husband.’

“Initially when she complained about the abusive nature of her husband, I was like ‘leave him alone now’, but we reasoned together and realised that the man wouldn’t stop beating her.

“Sometime ago, her husband beat her up and dared her to report to any NGO or Government Agency, adding that nothing is going to come out of it.”

Igbere TV gathered that effort to salvage the relationship has been on blink as Chinyere had given up on Chukwu and a lot of people are advising her to leave the marriage.

Another source suggested that Chukwu, being a prominent politician, may have kept a promiscuous life which his wife probably opposed leading to the continuous battering, a claim Igbere TV could, however, not establish as at press time.

When contacted, Chukwu told Igbere TV that the allegations were not true, insisting that he has never had any fight with his wife. However, exclusive photos of Chinyere obtained by Igbere TV, showed her face including her eyes were puffy and full of tears, suggesting that she may have been truly battered by her husband who had earlier denied the report.

“Let the person who gave you my number give you my house address in Abuja, I have neighbours. Go and ask my neighbours, ‘what kind of person is this man?. Has he ever abused his wife, or has his wife been abusing him?’. When you are done with that, let that same person give you the name of the church I attend too in Abuja, and let my pastor speak with you.

“I believe once you are done with that, you will have no need to call me for a ‘balanced report’. My neighbours will give you a balanced report, and my pastor too.

“But when they finish speaking with you and you are not convinced, call me. I will give you names of two big personalities in the society for you to verify from. But I believe you will have no need to call me because all your questions must have been answered by my neighbours and my pastor.”

He, however, declared, “I have just managed a situation. If she can fight neighbours openly for no just cause, you can imagine what she can do at home.”

“I have never beaten her, I don’t beat women, I have respect for them. But if I speak (with you), you will presume I am only trying to defend myself, so I shouldn’t be the one talking, let my neighbours speak with you to find out the kind of person you are dealing with.”

But when our correspondent informed him that some of his neighbours have already been questioned, Chukwu interjected, saying, “then you would have known the truth by now.”

“I believe you went to the right address (house). I have lived there for five years, nobody even know that I stay there because I come in quietly and move out quietly…until she came.”

Reacting, Chinyere confirmed she was in an abusive relationship with her husband, but declined further comments on the issue.

“Did you speak with Hon. Chijioke himself?,” she queried. “Yes”, our correspondent responded.

“Well, I think he should be in a better position to answer your questions because … (sic). Yes, I was in an abusive relationship with him. But that’s all I can tell you now.”

However, when confronted with Chukwu’s claim that she fights her neighbours, Chinyere refuted the allegations insisting that she had never had any fight with her neighbours “till date.”

“I fight my neighbours?. Why will I fight my neighbours?. We stayed in a three bedroom apartment, so why will I go out and fight my neighbours for Christ sake? That’s an accusation, I never fought my neighbours.”

Chinyere told Igbere TV that Chukwu ordered her to pack out of their home, following which she left the house, while declaring that she no longer speaks with her husband.

According to her, Chukwu gave instructions to his siblings to beat her up, and she was beaten.

She said: “He (Chukwu) drove me out of the house. Chijioke gave an order to his siblings to beat me up, and I was beaten. I know how many times Chijioke has beaten me. So I see no reason why he has to deny that.”

Asked about the genesis of the matter, Chinyere declared, “I wouldn’t say more than that for the sake of my kids.”

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