Sullivan is a good man - Clara

Wife of former Enugu State Governor, Clara Chime, in this interview with our reporter in Abuja describes her husband and father of her son, as a good man and denied rumors of marital infidelity against Chime.

Recently, there were reports of a divorce suit instituted by you against your husband. What happened?

Like every marriage, we had challenges arising mostly from the pressures associated with high profile unions. As you know, he was already a Governor when we married and it came with a lot of pressure, on me in particular, having not been experienced in statecraft and the attendant challenges to marriages. As a young married woman, I had expectations with regards to companionship with my husband but that wasn’t possible because of the demands of his job and that naturally led to friction in the marriage. Apparently, we mismanaged the friction, maybe because of a combination of inexperience and bad advisers, and we ended up drifting apart to the point of wanting to go our separate ways.

You are among very few persons who know Governor Chime very closely. He hardly grants interviews and appears to be a very private person. Who is Sullivan Chime?

Sullivan Chime is a good man who is passionate about doing the best for everyone. He does not like to see others suffer and he is a focused person. Whatever he sets his mind to do he will achieve, especially when he believes that it is in the best interest of all, he keeps to his words. He is a loving husband and a loving father to his children.

 Many rumors swirled around the reason why your marriage with him had challenges. Some said he impregnated your sister and maltreated you. What is the true position?

The world should know that my husband Sullivan Iheanocho Chime loves me unconditionally and he has never maltreated me for one day knowingly. As regards my beloved Sister Ebere Achukwu nee Igwe who was accused of getting pregnant for my husband, that never happened, there was no time my Sister got pregnant for Sullivan. None of my sisters can do such as we have values. God won't forgive me if I ridicule a man with an enviable personality who worked tirelessly in transforming Enugu state. I didn't state any evidence that was published in court and I will forever love Sullivan Iheanocho Chime, he forever remains a husband to me.

Have you now reconciled with your husband?

We have no difference. We are in-touch 247 and even pray together before going to bed.

Culled from FactNews Online.

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