By Abraham Adimchi

Upon his inauguration for a second term in office, Governor Ikpeazu in his speech gave ndi Abia message of hope. Part of his inaugural speech read in parts, "The primary focus of our administration for the next four years will be consolidating on the achievements of our first tenure, completing all our ongoing projects and creating avenues for our teeming youths to have jobs and be self-sufficient. We are poised to create over One Million jobs before our tenure is over. Our administration is a trans-generational one. We will meet the needs of today while ensuring we lay solid foundations for the tomorrow of our children".

On the ways to achieve this feat, he also stated that "we will prioritize aesthetic modernisation of key landmarks in the city of Aba and Umuahia and improve on our environmental sanitation outlooks.

I would therefore love to use this opportunity to call on our brothers who have been blessed with the wherewithal, residing in other parts of Nigeria and in the Diaspora to start looking towards establishing solid investments here in Abia State".

One of the fruits of those speeches is the establishment of the Enyimba Mall Outlet Shops.. Today, there is serious inroads for the building of the Enyimba Mall outlet shops as one of the new drives. The project is indeed predicated on the  provision of a modern and environmentally friendly shopping mall in Aba; a serious lookalike of Shoprite.

The mall, which is a PPP project under the management of Mr. Chiedozie Njoku has a clientele level for Aba traders. The mall is being built at where used to be known as Buhari market, Etched road Aba on an 11,000 square meter space. It will have about 600 shops, with a proven car lot to contain 200 cars.

The content of the mall includes;
An Electro-Hall (where GSM and other ICTEL issues will be managed), a Fabrics/Garment section to meet fashion/garment need of every human of all class.
There is also General Goods section, the Hyper markets, ATM gallery, a standard Restaurant and two conveniences for both male and female.

Within the mall will be the installation of security apparatus and building of other infrastructure. Currently, the government has built the etched road, while Emelogu road in Ogbor Hill is being built, linking to Ngwa road. The site of the mall is also attracting the building of Danfodio road.

Even with a targeted date of completion in September, 2019, there is already over 60% expression of interest on the shops by private individuals within and outside Aba metropolis.

The mall, when completed will not only result in the further development of the area it is cited but shall also bring about an increased business, economic and commercial activities for the overall benefit of the State. Directly and indirectly, over 3,000 would have been covered on the completion of this mall.

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