@GovernorIkpeazu and the 'Couldn't Sees' - By @IkechukwuIroha

A call by the State Government persuading individuals especially those from the Southeast region to come home and invest so as to develop Igbo land has gained momentum.

Several Investors and industrialists have hearkened to the voice of wisdom by bringing their  businesses worth millions of naira to Abia State.

Just recently, the CEO of KALTANI Group, Mr Obi Nnanna, and his team, paid a courtesy call on the Governor to intimate him of their pet project of Plastic Bottle Wash and Recycling Plant that will not only provide employment opportunities, but also assist Government tackle environmental challenges and help to drive the desire for a cleaner Abia. The private sector has, no doubt, remsined a major player in shaping economy and creating jobs for the growing population.

Our people will enjoy more benefits by bringing their investments home. They will have opportunities of tapping into the Enyimba Economic City project, greater partnership with the State government, enjoy home support, peace, security of property among others benefits.

I therefore commend Mr Obi Nnanna for showing a high sense of patriotism and love for his homeland which, apart from its multiplier effect on the economy, will afford him greater chances of knowing his environment better.

The news of the ongoing progress in Abia did not go down well with some persons who rushed to several online posts with disparaging comments on why Abia is not ripe for such move. Some of them cited road infrastructure, insecurity and unavailability of land for building industries.

Going by their individual comments, it is not difficult to observe that many persons have lost touch with reality. It is either the negative assertions are politically motivated or the comments are just a way of registering presence as individuals who are among the "Couldn't Sees". Apologies to Sen. Rochas Okorocha.

It was amazing that many of them who attacked the post live and do business in Lagos. To them, development means the number of flyovers in the State even when some States do not see it as priorities but will rather develop human capital that benefits everyone directly or indirectly.

For the records, Abia Government has never claimed that everything is perfect in the State same way no State in Nigeria will raise such big shoulder, we cannot forget that those in Lagos and abroad pay huge taxes than what they could be subjected to in the State.
Despites the threat from indigenes, perennial flooding, congestion and high cost of living in Lagos, our people will rather not talk about those challenges but will swoop on social media to disparage where they have no single contribution for her development.

Little wonder their criticisms end on social media while those who are living and doing business at home understand the tax benefits and efforts of the government at creating enabling environment for investment to thrive.

It takes a lazy Nigerian who cannot research properly to attach Abia State with Insecurity.

Sometimes, you end up wondering why someone who lives in a slump in Lagos, paying huge taxes at the detriment of his growing business amidst threats from indigenes, will sit behind his keyboard to talk about a State that was rated one of the safest States in Nigeria by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Government all over the World depends on tax revenues to develop the State. It is therefore important to invest in your home where your contribution through tax can change the phase of the State, create employment opportunities etc.

The crime rate in Abia cannot equate that of Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Borno not even to that of Rivers or Abuja, yet, Alhaji Dangote and other heavy investors are still putting their funds in those areas.

Despite the fact that acidic opposition in Abia hardly see anything good about the State and can go any length to discourage forward movement including sponsoring "Yahoo boys" to malign the State on social media, they know within themselves that things are not the way they present them but all for power tussle.

People should look beyond selfish political calculations to see where Abia State is headed: the best industrialized State in the coming future with the plans already put on ground by Okezie Ikpeazu.

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