@GovernorIkpeazu Ruins Abia - By Kennedy Onyema


I have been waiting for this opportunity to tell the world how Governor IKPEAZU has brought untold suffering, pain and disaster to the people that voted him into power. Thank God for this my Facebook friend who reminded me that " Ikpeazu has ruined Abia State".

Prior to 2015 when Abians "concessioned " the leadership of Abia State to Okezie Ikpeazu PhD,everything was working perfectly well. All workers in Abia were paid promptly. Pensioners received their pensions and gratuity with ease. All the roads were well built and the life on Earth was like the Heavens rehearsed!

Okezie is responsible for the anomalies in the state civil service where almost everyone retires as  Director, Principal,Headmaster or Headmistress, even without portfolio, thereby bloating the monthly wage bill of the state. Now that the state can hardly defray her monthly expenses from the meagre monthly revenue. Ntoor!

Okezie is the rodent that eats into Abia IGR. He is the reason why Abians are unpatroitic with tax remittance and compliance.

All roads in Abia state were so good and motorable that one hardly find even a pothole on the roads: from old Bende to Isiala Ngwa to Aba and Ukwa, the roads were so smooth that you cruise away your sorrows! Then,Idima- Abam bridge in Arochukwu, Okobo bridge in Ndi Oji / Ndi Okereke,Abam Arochukwu, Ukaegbu Estate,Abiriba Nkporo roads, Okonu - Aku, Asaga Ohafia, Imo Ndi Ikpa Eziama Nneato bridges were all perfectly built!

In the  education sector, Abians came first among equals! Abia Poly, for example, was functioning so fine that student were changing from other tertiary institutions to Abiapoly. So also were ABSU, School of Health and College of Education Technical. The salary of the workers were promptly paid untill Governor Okezie over-staffed the school with many unqualified staff from "Umuobiakwa"! Disregard the feat achieved by Professor Ikonne and ACB Agbazuere in their respective parastals. All na wash?

How dare the governor strengthen fiscal discipline? Why can't he look away and allow parastatals mis-manage their IGR while the government continue to send subventions and salaries,as usual? For Okezie's 'over sabi' Abia Poly staff, Abia teaching hospital staff and other parastals are starving from months of unpaid salary! Chai!

The stadium in Aba,before Ikpeazu came, was so fine that Enyimba football club and others were victorious in all the home matches.

The street lights were the best in Abia and the night life in Aba and Umuahia were next to Las Vegas!

Abia girls are single today is because of Dr. Ikpeazu. He is also responsible for increased number of bachelors. In fact there is ongoing research to confirm if IKPEAZU has a hand in the increasing number of barrenness!

IKPEAZU is the one emptying wastes  into drainages !

Back in the days,every road in Aba was superb! You can come into Aba and Ariaria International market,  very easily, from Akwa Ibom ,Port Harcourt and Owerri. Then, Falks road was 'sarara' . Brass road was sleep and drive! Talk of Umule,MCC,Umuatako,Kamalu,Umungas,Chima Nwafor/Umuojima , Udeagbala, Ukaegbu roads,etc. They were all perfect roads,just like the New York City, before the advent of Dr Ikpeazu. The approved AFDB facility, that will facilitate the reconstruction of Ngwa road, Ohanku and Obohia roads, is fluke.

The Portharcourt road, which Okezie damaged, was so motorable that the demons drove in and out of Aba with ease!

Okezie said there are 169 roads, out of which over 70 are fully reconstructed and over 80 ongoing . Back then nobody took statistics of the roads because it was not necessary,after all, 'onye Aba ga-aru Aba".

Association of  Ngwa deities will never forgive Okezie because he had the courage to displace the Ife-obara goddess ! In fact that is the reason why Aba will never be fixed! Okezie didn't know why previous governments avoided that pond. Although the perenial floods have disappeared ,following the cure of Ife-obara 'wahala', nevertheless, Gov. Okezie would've let the sleeping dogs sleep!

Okezie claims he constructed,paltry 359 new class room blocks and 4 new model schools.But then, before he ruined our education, we didn't bother to build classrooms since our students went on excursion to private schools! How could we have built classroom for just 141,348 students? You see, the policy of draining public schools was deliberate, we wanted to empower our citizens who own private schools. Now that he has increased the number of students enrolling into public schools to about 700,000, let him pay the teachers  salaries nah. Mtcheeew! Okezie just ruined Abia State...Simple !

On empowerment, Abians won several awards as the most entrepreneur orientated state. While Okezie is busy celebrating just 30 shoe makers he sponsored to, ordinary, China. Back then, over 300 shoe makers went to the great beyond, due to 'bad market'! The classic Aba fashion designers nko? Just leave that side first.

Marketing 'made in Aba products' isn't a big deal afterall. Aba products were better appreciated with foreign tags and labels! Although the Executive order ,of the Federal Government, influenced greater patronage from government agencies.Yet,it does not matter! That Aba is acclaimed SME City of Nigeria isn't big deal. Abi? Aba products are better in obscurity! The likes of Nora and Prosper would have passed unnoticed .

There were better promises for the youths than we have now. Have you forgotten the infamous 'Osisi ka nkwu' and co? Have you forgotten the 'York' guys in Aba of the rampaging kidnappers ? Where they not rich and happy compared to the 'fake and hollow' promises about  "Enyimba Economic City" that promises to take over 1000 youths off the street? That "Yahoo Yahoo project" you mean!

Instead of building more of 'York' and 'Abala' cantonements, where "ogbunigwe' can be manufactured, or better still, where 'weed' can be mass produced, Okezie is building Multi Skill Enterprenuer and Devt. Center, Agro -Industrial Cluster , Nibra leather City ,Shoe factory and Dry Port!

The "Okezie has failed " narrative is mendacous and malicious! It is the wishful desire of a hallucinated, amnesiac mind.So shall it remain! It is far from a statement not the least factual.

Yes, Abia is far from her destination. But Abia,of a truth, is far from where it began.

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