C'RIVER: DOPT reforms, returns to street to ensure smooth traffic

By Emmanuel Ulayi, Calabar

THE Department of Public Transportation, DOPT, has returned to the streets with better trained and reoriented personnel to ensure smooth traffic flow and orderly transportation system in the state.

The reformed personnel looking smart in new uniform with their names crested on the top right side of their shirts look bright and determined for effective and efficient service delivery.

Admonishing the personnel, Comrade Gody Nyima, Director General of the department cautioned against unruly behavior by the operatives to avoid causing damage to vehicles or injury to motorists.

"You should be civil and decent in your approach. Do not wrestle steering with anybody or jump inside someone's vehicle because unruly behavior can lead to road mishap or injury to you or the vehicle driver or even passerby".

He said the department in its determination to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the state decided to recruit those Adhoc staff and properly train them to maintain the free flow of traffic in congested areas.

" We have been receiving information that some people are impersonating our staff that is why we gave them new uniform to let the public know that anyone in tee-shirt who claims to be our staff is fake".

Comrade Nyima called on members of the public to collaborate and support the DOPT to ensure order on the roads which is to the benefit of everyone ".

" The road is a public facility, therefore, everyone using it must understand that there are other users too so decency, caution and being brother's keeper should be the watchword".

He assured the public that this set of staff will be of good behavior and should not be molested or attacked. 

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