Otti Watches While Ferdinand Ekeoma Goofs.


By Kennedy Onyenma

Benjamin Franklin once said, "one man may be more cunning than another, but not more cunning than everyone else." In another instance,the same Franklin also opines that "pride is as loud a beggar as want and a great deal more saucy."

I couldn't think of a better lead for this article than those classical statements from no less a sage than Benjamin Franklin. I am also worried, considering my long history with the Ottis', that the image of our dear brother and  mentor Dr Alex Otti, instead of appreciating, is gradually suffering from Integrity Deficiency Quotients (I.D.Q.). I am suspicious of Otti's personality. It seems it is eclipsed by certain hallucinative tendencies symptomatic of excessive pride, a.k.a, hubris or degenerative amnesia. Otherwise,why would Otti allow his hirelings to vent, so needlessly, on issues they either do not comprehend or they choose to misinterpret. Having lost every sense of circumspection, I am afraid that, our dear Alex Otti may obtrusively slide into obscurity sooner than predicted.

For personal reasons I would prefer to sound canonical in my approach to Ferdinand Ekeoma's misguided response to JOK's lucid exposition of Otti's overreaching attitude.I will also restrain myself from sounding immodest, however, I will educate Ferdinand on simple methodology of responding to weighty issues as the ones JOK raised in his article "What does Otti want?"

Permit me to use the bullet-point of view to query Ferdinand's  disingenuous reaction to common sense. May be he might seek to redress his ineptitude.

1. Did Alex Otti attempt or purport to truncate the AfDB loan...whether from Abidjan, Abuja or via a press conference ?

2. Who bears the attendant cost of the documentations for the loan and other sundry financial exposures, in terms of travels and contacts, incurred  in the cause of pursuing the deal?

3. Who benefits from the development loan and who loses in an event the facility is not availed ?

4. When did the invincible Otti become a forensic 'wizard' to
preempt the hidden intentions of a man? How then did Otti discern the "tainted" fraudulent motives of Governor Ikpeazu?

5. If Otti's wizardry is this sophisticated how come he didn't save his hitherto flourishing employers from the sudden financial dislocations that preceded their merger? How come the forensic soothsayer didn't detect the bad loans that ultimately eclipsed Diamond Bank?

6. Did Otti, any time in Aba,claim he obtained $100b from IFC for the sake of developing Abia State? If he didn't what did he actually say ?

7. Has Otti ever been a benefactor and or facilitator of misappropriation in Abia state?

8. Can Otti provide evidential proof of any investments he has solely or partly attracted to Abia state to, at least, give credence to his self-acclaimed committment towards uplifting the well-being of his dear Abians?

9. Considering the stories making the rounds on Otti's alleged culpability in the misfortunes of his erstwhile employers...Does Otti have any evidence to exonorate himself?

10. Because of Otti's misadventure in the banking industry and his ferocious temperament which has resulted in the rancorous state of Abia APGA and the "Partyless" status of brother Otti, pundits are questioning Otti's capability to rule Abia state. Can my brother Ekeoma justify his confidence on his boss?

11.Can Ferdinand clearly defend his boss on allegations of covetuosness levelled against him, on land grabbing issues, by his native Arochukwu kinsmen and his default kinsmen from Umuehim Nvosi?

12. Can Ferdinand, beyond reasonable doubt, prove that Otti's blackmail against Abia is not more detrimental to the growth and stability of the state ?

13. People said your oga is a bad loser. Is it true? Although evidence abound that he is I still hesitate to conclude .

Dear Ekeoma, I have outlined these  points to enable you re-invent your tantrum and perhaps give vent to the already disastrous response you gave to JOK's lucid engagements. Yours was indeed hollow and verbose. Get rid of the fats bro! Those hilarious digression to the Governors purported personal life is unnecessary considering the seriousness of JOK's allegations against your boss.

 Abians may not forgive Otti unless he repents from chasing some imaginary shadow.

In case you missed the points made by JOk, he stated with evidence that Otti’s mission is to attempt to distract the Governor from his work, disrupt governance by engaging in anti-government activities and seek continuing media relevance through frivolous litigations against the Governor over an election he came a distant third. Respond to those issues or shut up!

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