#Xenophobia: ADP Condemns Attack On Nigerians.

The Action Democratic Party (ADP) condemned in strong terms, the attack and killings of Nigerians in South Africa by some miscreants and lazy citizens of that country who are threatened by the legitimate pursuit, enterprising and exploit of our citizens.

Nigeria as a big player in the continent should not be treated with such hate, disdain and destruction of her citizens lives, business and properties abroad.

In a statement issued by the spokesman of Lagos Chapter of the party on Wednesday Morning, Prince Adelaja Adeoye noted with serious concern that Africa must unite, close ranks and avoid any internal crisis that is capable of setting them against one another, Africans should be their brothers keeper , and not be wild, crude and show barbaric attitude to one another, because such will give the colonizers the justification that Africans cannot rule over themselves.

According to the ADP, Nigeria was at the forefront and defended South Africa by spending over $60b during their harrowing era of apartheid, Nigeria deployed her military might to the country to assist to liberate South Africans from their oppressors, South African icon, former President Nelson Mandela (Late) was in Nigeria for over six months to escape death from those who wanted to bring him down, Nigeria showed hand of fellowship, and her citizens should not be treated with such hate as being demonstrated now.

ADP calls on the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, to immediately put machinery in place to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians in his country, as both Nigeria and South Africa cannot afford or endure a strain relationship. The life of every Nigerians living abroad matters so much to all of us.

In the same vein, ADP calls for call for calm and restrain, urged all those who have already began to picket businesses with South African links in the country, especially in Sangotedo, Surulere, Apapa and other areas in Lagos to stop immediately, Nigerians must have a way of showing their displeasure without having to resort to violence or arson.

President Muhammadu Buhari should also stand tough on this matter and ensure that a repeat do not occur again.

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