A misplaced agitation; Aba is a work in Progress, By @IkechukwuIroha

If you have lived in Aba, you won't join the bad gang of failed politicians to protest against the Governor of Abia Stste Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as regards bad roads in Aba.

Aba is a work in progress, no one will come on board and build all bad roads in Aba at once.

I lived in Aba about ten years ago. Osusu road never had any vehicular movement for decades till this present administration started a work there that will be completed within the year. Only those living elsewhere not Abia can comfortably criticize what they know nothing about.

It was so difficult to ply Ogbohill axis for years till Dr.Ikpeazu's administration fixed the whole stretch of Umuola, Ehere, Ovom and Ukaegbu roads. How do we forget so easily ?

Omne, Umuatako, Kamalu, MCC, Tonimas, Samek roads where abandoned for years before Dr. Ikpeazu reconstructed them. What of roads around Ngwa road that for the first time in history saw what an Alphalt is. I am talking about Aharandu, Iberre, Emjiaka, Onyebuchi etc.

The Portharcourt road they keep mentioning is a FG road. It was abandoned for over 20 years same with Aba/Owerri road. That the State govt is reconstructing it should be commended not condemned. Work has been gradually going on there. What then is the grouse ?

Though unfinished, Faulks road has been a major economic boost. For the first time in over 25 years, cars can ply the road from Brass junction to PH express way. Etche road, Owerri road, Echefu are other road projects embarked upon and completed by Ikpeazu's govt. What is the basis of the agitation ?

Majority of the major roads are still under construction. Udeagbala road, Osisioma flyover, Immaculate road, St Paul's, Eziukwu road etc. Will bring relief anytime soon.

I agree more needs to be done but not with unnecessary distraction. Ngwa road, Ohanku and Obohia need attention and this administration has assured that those areas will be constructed soon. These areas I mentioned has been in bad shape for over 20 -30 years but now that Ikpeazu has come to the rescue, why can't we exercise patience.

Also, do not forget that Aba is not the only place we have in Abia State. While work was/is going on in those areas I mentioned, other parts of Abia were receiving equal treatments. So, what's the grouse ?
We are becoming so ungrateful. Which road before the emergence of Ikpeazu in 2015 was motorable in Aba ? I will back this with pictures to remind us where we are coming from as far as road project is concerned in Aba.

Other States including Ogun, Oyo, Lagos , Kaduna etc explained that after the rains work will be intensified without any agitation, people agreed with them. Why would Otti pay Ashebi people to make mockery of himself as if we are still campaigning after his defeat ?

Meanwhile, I heard Otti talked ill about a facility from African Development Bank that is geared towards infrastructural development in Abia State . So unfortunate that Otti tried to stop a facility that will improve our infrastructure even when he knows that the money won't be physically handled by the State govt but goes to Contractors from the AFDB who also monitors the project. Other States including Ebonyi and Anambra took advantage of such opening even before now.

How can we record more development when our supposedly billionaires stay in the comfort of their homes to  criticize without putting up a single structure in their home State ? What has Alex otti done to improve on the structures as a billionaire from Abia ? He doesn't have a single investment here unlike his fellow rich men from other states.

Bad politics is bad.

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