@AlexOttiOfr As A Paradox

By Ayodele Orji

Below is my terse response to Alex OTTI,the gadfly of Abia politics.

Summary: Alex Otti  should declare whether he intends to contest for governor in 2023,or not so that we can judge his motive appropriately.

Otti's motive has led him to become the only person in Abia that is always raising alarm.

1.  OTTI would always quote what Abia receives in a year but will not reveal what Abia pays as salary every month.

2.OTTI will urge action to solve the problem of unwieldy workforce, but will also quickly fund riot and demonstration to thwart reform.

3.OTTI was the "treasurer" of Abia state government as a banker,and never saw anything wrong with Abia and its pace of development. In fact he was a strong PDP man able to pull Her Excellency Patience Jonathan to attend his
 chieftaincy installation at Isiala Ngwa.   But OTTI when denied the "Chairmanship" position would go over to APGA and begin to shout liberation, liberation.... Enough is Enough.

4.OTTI would insult traditional rulers,and call them native doctors, ritualists,marabout, etc for endorsing his nemesis.... Ikpeazu. But the same OTTI would turn around and hail them as 'highly Revered Royal Fathers' in his bid to woo them against Ikpeazu.

5.OTTI would accuse accomplished elder statesmen in the state of being on life- support fluids from Ikpeazu's blood (y) tonic. Yet he would quickly change gear and start employing endearing adjectives in his recruitment drive to wage war against Ikpeazu

6.OTTI will incite pensioners and urge Ikpeazu to pay them off  in one fell swoop,even when we know that States which are far richer are having challenges with pension payment ,but he will never gather those pensioners and tell them how he would perform the magic if he was on seat.

OTTI is bitter that he did not succeed in supplanting Ndi Ngwa in 2015.And he is determined to "make" Ikpeazu fail in the eyes of the world.

All that OTTI is doing now is to paint Ikpeazu in bad light and position himself ahead of 2023.

He is not going to fight by the rules. You can already see that he is resorting to gutter language by accusing his governor of frolicking about.

Raising wild allegations does not amount to competence in governance.

In 2015,OTTI built a magnificent house in Ngwaland,....he then proceeded to commandeer a chieftaincy title from Ngwaland,....and quickly transferred his voting location from Arochuku to Isiala Ngwa..Then he fought extremely hard to obtain what has eluded every Ngwaman since creation on the premise that he too is Ngwa.

Ndi Igbo si na iroakazi.

Under Ikpeazu primary school enrollment has increased astronomically by 300% thereby putting more pressure on the purse of government. OTTI will never tell U that.
Abia has maintained 1st position throughout Nigeria in its excellent performance at WAEC exams.Don't expect OTTI to tell U that.

Today, Abia that was 21st is now in 3rd position behind only Lagos and Abuja in terms of Foreign Direct Investment inflow. Yet OTTI will address press conference and tell the media that business men are closing shop in Abia.

OTTI is bitter and understandingly so.OTTI is also afraid, afraid that Ikpeazu may surprise critics. Otti is not sincere in his concerted effort to incite the people against the government.But most painfully, OTTI lacks the comportment and emotional intelligence needed for political leadership. Truth is bitter, and like surgery it hurts.But it cures.

By the grace of God who knows the heart of all of us,Abia will not fall into the hands of dishonest rabble rousers. Amen.

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