Still On @GovernorIkpeazu Rice Revolution...

By Kennedy Onyenma

Douglas MacArthur said, "A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader,but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent."

Given MacArthur's assertion, a leader may not always do what you want him to do but what he thinks is in the best interest of the people.

Human needs vary depending on who you are and where you are. The ultimate, however, is that the felt needs are provided.After all, it is argued, in basic Economics, that human wants are insatiable.But today's trajectory have proven that it is not just the wants that are insatiable but the needs,also, are far-fetched. No wonder, we scale our preferences in order of priority and in line with available resources.

Abia State is a state in dire need of financial resources. For a leadership that is pro-poor, people-centric and result oriented, it could be frustrating when it cannot meet the expectations of her people especially their developmental needs.

When Governor Ikpeazu observed that the local rice famers in Uzuakoli (Bende LGA), Acha (Isuikwuato LGA) and it's enviorons depended on the rice milling plants in Ebonyi state to mill their rice, one thing may have come to his mind:"at all at all na im bad pass." Consequently, Governor Ikpeazu ordered that a milling plant be built in Uzuakoli and Acha communities respectively,at least, to mitigate the sufferings of going to another state to mill rice.

Some bystanders, oblivious of the reasons behind the gesture, may conveniently lampoon the peoject but the typical Uzoakoli or Acha rice farmer will hold the project dearer to heart than the asphalted road or the recreational facilities somewhere in the city.The rice milling plants have attendant benefits: it will reduce possible rural- urban migration, increase profitability, abate insecurity of  lives and properties resulting from traveling the longer distance for milling and, very importantly, it will reduce poverty.

Governor Ikpeazu feels the sufferings of the poor and identifies with their yearnings, hence the small scale, albeit, impactful rice milling plants. Given a diligent management of the plants one can be sure that similar milling plants will be duplicated in all the communities of Bende and Isuikwuato Local Government Areas.

The psychology of Dr Ikpeazu's development policy thrust is to meet every community at the point of her need; mitigate poverty and assuage feelings of hopelessness.To an Aba man he needs the right envioronment for  trade and commerce. While another, may be from Isiala Ngwa, may need just fertilizer and crop seedlings for farming. To our brothers in Isuikwuato and Bende or Old Bende, in general, they may need the rice milling plant to support their rice business.Certainly other basic needs, like good roads,electricity,water and capital,  abound but the felt needs should take precedence.Gov. Ikpeazu understands to that extent.

Truly you may not understand the underlining catalyst for certain decisions but you can inquire for clarifications, "Onye ajuju adighi efu Uzo!" (You won't miss your way if you can ask question). But when your stock in trade is to criticize all policies, lampoon well intended gestures you may be receding to sadism. God forbid!


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