The Outrage Against @GovernorIkpeazu Is Needless.

Kennedy Onyenma

Do you remember Nsulu Games Village , somewhere in Umuala Nsulu where the NYSC camp used to be? Who relocated it to Igbere? You were there,what did you do?

But for your short memory you should have remembered Mamacracy that reigned supreme at Nweke street Aba... Odiuko na mba precisely ... Have you forgotten her? I am sure you were among the melon peelers ? You never complained ? Hahaha... You were deaf and dumb then...abi?

Do you still remember companies like Ceramics, Golden Guinea,Glass Industry, Enyimba hotels etc . Who forced them into comatose? But you didn't protest ? Abia Newspapers even collapsed into the SUN newspapers! Unu mukwa Anya then?

When Dr Chima Nwafor, former deputy Governor, were humiliated, haunded and impeached on trumped up charges . How many of you were patroitic enough to protest?

Portharcourt road was shutdown, for years. Faulks/Brass roads abandoned , MCC impassable , Umule delapidated ! Ukaegbu collapsed! Umuakwu Nsulu ravaged by gully erosion... Owerrinta- Umuocheala road- cut into two.Who led the protest then? Who complained? Why now?

Who has forgotten that passers by used to sleep at Ossisioma junction during festive periods ? So what did you do then?

Who has forgotten that prior to 2015 civil servants across board were owed well above 6 months salary arrears including accumulated incentives? Pensioners owed well over 8 months before Ikpeazu came and cleared them ; Then oil price was higher and the economy more stable... What did you do then?

Who wasn't born when Osisikankwu,the notorious kidnapper and his men, plus other  criminal elements, took over Abia state ? How did you protest the menace? What videos did you share then ?

Who is not aware that all the entry points into Aba that are today bandied dirty, smelly and delapidated are Federal roads? Name them: the Ikot Ekpene road, the Port Harcourt road,the Ossisioma junction etc.

Who is not aware that for the first time in over 16 years of Nigeria democracy Abia has played an  opposition, meaning she is denied of all the  incentives enjoyed by the rulling parties.

My brothers and sisters who are leading the onslought against their own, who fought for you while in the trenches, when you were deprived of all your privileges, denied of your inalienable rights and thoroughly humiliated? Unu amakwala he! Umunne l'egbu!

Who is not aware that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu was distracted for over 3 years out of his 4 year first term?Despite that he still rehabilitated over 70 roads, over 300 class room blocks, initiated turn key projects and took young talented artisans to China for training on automated shoe manufacturing.

Who is not aware that since his second term the rains has not abated to enable serious road construction ? If other states agree and understand that little or nothing can be done amidst the rainfall why won't ndi Abia? ke anyi ofuru iche? Even with the rains, drainages are being constructed ! Is that not commendable? Why the impatience?

Otti that said Ikpeazu has not done anything since he was elected also accepted that, as at December, last year that he personally counted over 50 roads done by Ikpeazu. So who is fooling who? He brainwashed you by reeling out billions swallowed by Ikpeazu...Did you ask him if salaries were paid at all? Or how the over 70 roads where sponsored? You should have asked him how the accumulated loan received from Diamond bank, before Ikpeazu took over, was cleared or how the state funded the needless and selfish litigations he instituted against the state?

Obu unu nnu la odi iri unu achi ya la-akpa?

Have you asked why Jane the APC undertaker, from Abiriba, bribed women to protest for non payment of salary arrears instead of allowing the people owed to do so. Crying more than the bereaved you may say. Have you interviewed the workers in the MDAs to know if thier salaries are truly paid and on time too?

Is it a crime to enforce fiscal discipline and accountability? When a leader says ...ok, from the revenue you generated, plus the monthly subventions from the state, please pay your workers salaries. Is that an offence? Don't you know there is something called checks and balances? If Abiapoly for example is made to pay her staff from what it generated, don't you know that they will be careful not to over staff the institution? At least only the security post won't have over 60 employees.

Are you not aware that from these little savings here and there , the money needed for pensions and gratuities may be realised and our retired parents will be paid, like those in MDAs, regularly?

If I were you I will watch and wait for the rains to abate,then you can judge Ikpeazu for non-performance.

Which of the past Governors ever paid as much attention to Aba as Gov. Ikpeazu has done? How many of them promoted made in Aba products,talk less make their wears regular attire, or better still sponsor artisans to China?

Like seriously, as my teenage daughter would say, I am suspecting some of you critics. Obi adighi unu nma... for real. But Jehovah ka unu ike!

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