Abia: @GovernorIkpeazu’s Killer Punch to the Opposition.

By J Duke Anago

One of my fiercest critics whenever I make a post on Dr Ikpeazu of Abia state’s vision, and developmental stride is my old classmate from Aro. Even to date, he still thinks Dr Alex Otti won both the 2015 and 2019 election.

Anyways, yesterday I sent below snapshots of Dr Ikpeazu’s revolution on Agriculture, the rice, the poultry and the shoe factory commencement which I so much believe is the exact change we seek. He responded thus:

“We would not change the world by asking nicely”.

Well, that where we differ. I prefer to engage the government than abuse them. A listening government like the one in Abia should be engaged and not attacked. I have a problem with destructive criticism which goes like this: “Dr Ikpeazu is doing nothing” he is the “worst in Nigeria” bla bla bla. You are not only attacking the governor, you are painting a dangerous picture about your state.

The most civilised way to pursue good governance is to engage the people in government. Give support to the Governors that are doing all they can to change the future of Igboland. I believe the man in Abia state is setting unprecedented examples of how leadership should be in Igboland.

Like him or loathe him, but ask: if all states in SE open massive poultry clusters in each local government of their state the way Ikpeazu has commenced?

My Governor (Obiano) gave each town N20 million to build a project of their choice circa 2017 election. That money was half-embezzled. None was used to achieve anything meaningful. Consider a poultry cluster opened In my town with N20 million. Just think about the revenue to my town and state.

What if all states in south-east open a commercial shoe factory in Aba? Yes! Aba has the market! The benefits would be immense and would start changing our people’s mindset towards staying at home instead of Lagos and Abuja. That was how Nnewi people performed magic, and their town is one of the most viable economic hubs in SE even though it lacks structure and zero govt support.

Hopefully, this shoe factory in Aba would make profit to attract more private investors in the shoemaking industry in Nigeria which is at a nascent stage.

I thank the governor and his team who continue to strive hard to develop their state even with the massive presence of strange bedfellows. Indeed, Dr Ikpeazu is changing the narrative with the Agricultural revolution because Agriculture is the new gold. Adding Shoe Factory, and Enyimba Economic City is the killer punch to the opposition.

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